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It's all about worship

Beautiful music has the rare ability to deeply touch our hearts and minds. Having started composing some six years ago, I’ve loved the idea of being able to make people feel through music and express it to God in their worship. With a deep love of traditional choral music and training in classical methods, since 1998, I’ve looked for musical inspiration from worship leaders in mainstream contemporary Christian music. Explore this site to find out what I do and how to connect with God through worship.

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Loved (Beyond Compare)

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Who Is Gwyneth Kramer?

It has been a great joy to finally begin the creative journey of writing my own music. My first composition titled "Loved (Beyond Compare)" was a message God gave me while I was going through a difficult time.

Now He is using it to encourage and bring that same message to others... those who have also endured trials.  Don't you find that being human sometimes causes us to become so affected by our problems, that we lose site of how Good our Heavenly Father really is?  To inspire Hope is my greatest desire... to lift Jesus' precious and wonderful name.

Listen to my work or watch a video of a performance. I’d love to hear your emotional response.

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Musical Offerings

Worship Events

I'm excited to offer opportunities to bring your community together to worship, whether it be to celebrate a union, a life, or to simply lift up Jesus' name in a season of praise.  Please reach out and let's get the conversation started.

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Voice Coaching

With over 20 years of experience singing, several opportunities directing choirs, combined with  my musical training and performance, I'm now offering individualized lessons in my home. Please reach out if your student would appreciate my guidance to build vocal ability, taking care to protect his/her voice.

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Voice Recordings

Whether it be for a good cause, or to honor a memory, to bring awareness to a social injustice.... I'd be pleased to offer my voice to your compositions. Just get in touch with me and I'd be so happy to consider your offer.

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Home: What I Do
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Contact Me

Want to learn more about me, my music, and my performances? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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